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Hard Money Capital Group is a hard money and private money lender that caters to real estate investors, real estate developers, and property flippers who need fast temporary financing. Hard Money Capital Group, www.hardmoneycapitalgroup.com , has no loan minimum and can fund loans as little as $20,000 and close it in as fast as one week. Most hard money lenders want a minimum of a $100,000 loan minimum and most hard money lenders may take as long as 30 to 90 days to process a hard money loan. Hard Money Capital Group‘s management staff consist of professional real estate investors, mortgage loan professionals, and real estate professionals so they understand the importance of fast financing and understand that many real estate investors went through bad credit due to the 2008 Real Estate and Mortgage Meltdown.

Does Hard Money Capital Group Have Credit Score Requirements?

Hard Money Capital Group does not have any credit score requirements. Hard Money Capital Group is an asset based mortgage lender and want the hard money borrower to have skin in the game. Minimum equity and/or down payment requirements to qualify for a hard money loan with Hard Money Capital Group is 35%. 100% financing is available if the hard money borrower can cross collateralize other properties. Hard money borrowers with bad credit or lower credit scores can qualify for hard money loans with Hard Money Capital Group. While the hard money loan borrower utilizes the hard money loan, Hard Money Capital Group can help the hard money loan borrower fix and improve their credit through its sister company, Credit Fix Advisors , and help them with an exit strategy with a traditional mortgage lender, Gustan Cho Associates . Gustan Cho Associates are commercial and residential mortgage professionals whose specialty are no mortgage lender overlays . Gustan Cho Associates are creative mortgage lenders, portfolio lenders, and have access to specialty mortgage lending programs such as Doctors Funding Group . Doctors Funding Group offers unsecured financing to doctors, dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, pharmacists, nurses, and other licensed members of the healthcare community for as much as $500,000. Hard Money Capital Group is different than any other hard money lender because every hard money client is a lifelong borrower and they offer full service not just funding the hard money loan, but also assisting the hard money loan borrower with credit repair, and helping them with an exit strategy.

Fix Rehab Flip Loans

Fix Rehab Flip Loans are one of the most popular hard money loan programs. Most traditional mortgage lenders do not want to originate and fund loans under $100,000. However, we at HMCG can fund hard money loans as small as $20,000, the hard money loan borrower can rehab the property and flip it at a handsome profit. For hard money borrowers who want to keep the investment property and keep it as a rental after the rehab, they can get a hard money loan with HMCG , fix the property and get end financing with Gustan Cho Associates. During the time of the rehab, HMCG will help the hard money loan borrower maximize their credit scores and do credit repair so they can get the best mortgage rates and terms on their end financing.

If you are interested in a private money or hard money loan that can close in a week, please contact HMCG at 800-900-8569. One Solution Real Estate, www.onesolutionrealestate.com, full endorses Hard Money Capital Group.


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One Solution Real Estate

One Solution Real Estate is a mega website about real estate, investing, mortgage lending, creative financing, residential loans, hard money lending, credit and credit solutions, and specialty mortgage loan programs. One Solution Real Estate mission to provide information and resources to real estate agents, mortgage loan originators, mortgage lenders, real estate investors, attorneys, title agents, insurance agents, home buyers, home sellers, and consumers through its sister and affiliate websites as well as its daily blog articles by real estate and finance professionals. Guest writers will include professional realtors, licensed veteran mortgage loan officers ( both residential and commercial ), real estate attorneys, veteran title officers, contractors ( on do it yourself construction projects ), real estate investors, and other members of the real estate community.

Comments And Feedback

Viewers of One Solution Real Estate should feel free to comment on every blog. Participation and comments by our viewers are appreciated. Not just asking questions but also if you feel that a topic will benefit our readers, it will be greatly appreciated if you would share it. The real estate market has gone through many changes in recent years, especially after the 2008 Real Estate and Mortgage Meltdown. Millions of real estate investors have lost millions. Many with high net worth lost everything from the real estate market crash. Besides losing everything they have worked so hard for, many had ruined their credit because the Great Recession forced them into bankruptcy and foreclosure. Millions of real estate investors have lost not just their investment properties but also lost their homes they have raised their families in and had to go back to renting. Many with solid jobs and careers had to settle for minimum wage jobs or jobs that they were overqualified for just to make ends meet. Some who had tens of thousands of debts and could not afford the funds to file for bankruptcy and had to endure the hard core calls by bill collectors year after year. Never in history of the United States and the World has the economy been so bad and so many families been affected. Prior to the 2008 Real Estate and Mortgage Meltdown, bankruptcy was hardly a common word. After the 2008 Real Estate and Mortgage Meltdown, the term bankruptcy was a household term. Bankruptcy attorneys had so much business that some bankruptcy attorneys had to turn away bankruptcy clients because they were so busy. Many real estate attorneys changed fields and became bankruptcy attorneys and their business were booming. All viewers should join our real estate and mortgage forum which is part of Gustan Cho Associates . Our goal is to develop a large online community consisting of real estate industry professionals and consumers where we can all participate on a daily basis and help consumers who have all types of questions about real estate. Real estate investment opportunities is back and will continue to grow. One Solution Real Estate will be the number one premier real estate information and go to website for real estate investors to go to for resources, especially specialty financing program.

Real Estate Market Is Recovering

The real estate market has recovered and is continuing to recover. Some areas of the United States like California and Florida has doubled in value. Homeowners who had their mortgage loan balances higher than the value of their homes are now seeing their home values recovered and can now sell their homes. Hundreds of thousands of real estate agents and mortgage loan originators who left the business due to the 2008 Real Estate and Mortgage Meltdown have come back to the real estate and mortgage industry and are doing better than ever. Real estate investors and real estate developers who have gone out of business are now back in business and are doing better than ever. The mission and goal of www.onesolutionrealestate.com is to offer as many resources as possible for real estate investors, real estate developers, real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, mortgage lenders, and consumers access and resources to further their real estate business and careers. One Solution Real Estate will be consistently be updating specialty mortgage loan programs, changes in lending guidelines, hard money lenders, top producing real estate agents, and mortgage loan officers that offer unique and creative financing programs.

Credit And Lending

Credit and income are the two most important factors in obtaining a mortgage loan. Whether you are looking for a residential loan, commercial loan, business loan, hard money loan, or specialty loan, credit is one of the most important factor in not just obtaining a loan but credit also determines your mortgage rates and terms of the loan. Through our sister credit information site, Credit Fix Advisors , credit repair tips will be offered as well as reasonable credit repair services.  Lenders do understand that many have had prior bad credit due to the Great Recession but as long as the borrower has re-established credit, lenders will gladly approve financing. Prior bad credit does not affect mortgage rates or interest rates. Credit scores is the factor that determines what your mortgage rates and/or interest rates will be.